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Tile Leveling System

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MOONBAY Tile Leveling System:Make Floor Tilers Installation More Convenient And More Perfect!


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Product parameters

Tile leveling system for floor tilers to ensure paralleljoints and perfect leveled tiles.

MOONBAY Tile Leveling Systerm areused for precision mounting of tiles. They eliminatesall possibilities of lippage between the tiles.And the tile leveling system are reusable, it was easy enough to fix or remove with special wrench.


FORCE SAVING PUSHING PLIER: The tile leveling system come with a specialTile Leveling Pliers ,Sturdy, steel constructionwith suitable tension.Stainless steel for longtime use, and soft PP wrap for tile protectionand comfortable handle.

DURABLE REUSABLE WEDGES: The most popular model which is able to apply most project.The bottom has a new crossover design,wear-resistant and compression-resistant,and can be reused.

PREMIUM TILE SPACER CLIPS: Our tiles leveler spacers come in a widevariety of sizes and are not easily cut in themiddle, can be broken from the bottom atonce, extremely fast & easy to install & remove.Can be used for laying floor/wall tiles.

product details


1.Before putting thetiles, remember to erase some of the cement on the edge of tile. Do not fill upthe tiles with cement. This will prevent the cement from being wrapped in theclamps after the clips are placed. The solidification will affect the
removalof the clips.
2.Please adjust the pliers' screws to determine the pushing distance before you push the wedges. It is ensure that each wedge is pushed at the same distance, then it will be same level of tile.



Q1: Are you a factory?

A1: Of course. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has obtained more than 30 national-level technical patents, and its products are sold to more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, etc., becoming one of the most trusted brands in the global market.

Q2: Can Moonbay provide customized products? OEM products or ODM products?A2: Yes,we can provide customized products according to your requirement. Both OEM and ODM are acceptable. Welcome your special custom-made.

Q3: Can we print the LOGO on products?

A3: Yes, the OEM is available with the permission of our customers.

Q4: What is your payment term?

A4: T/T or L/C, if you want any other way, please contact us.

Q5:HOW Soon Can You Respond Client Inquiries?

A5: Our team is consisted of a group of diligent and dynamic people, working 24/7 to respond client inquiries and questions all the time.

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