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Other Product

Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise, established in 2013, located in Hangzhou city, China. We are specializing in manufacturing adjustable pedestal,drain channel system ,garden edge system and tile leveling system. With over a decade of experience, our output capacity has reached 300,000 pcs per month. We have established our sales channel in New York, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Dubai, Shenzhen to offer better on site service for our clients.Sometimes Moonbay can research and develop new products.

Product parameters

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Complete range

  • Tile Leveling System

    MOONBAY Tile Leveling Systerm areused for precision mounting of tiles.

  • Permeable Paving Grid

    Particularly in metropolitan and industrial areas, because the ground is paved or compacted it is less able to fulfill its natural functions.

  • Stainless Steel Waterfall Outlet

    In order to prevent leaks, unwelcome humidity, and splash, Atlantic Waterwall Spillways are a special back-angled spout that directs water downward and onto the wall below the plumbing connection.

  • Self-leveling plastic adjustable pedestal

    Moonbay adjustable plastic pedestal is made of PP,anti-UV,talc etc . Support for outdoor terrace with any kind of material:timber decking ,wpc decking ,stone ,ceramic ,composite material ,metal ,fibe

  • Aluminum decking

    As an option for decking material, aluminum decking is a small category with some unique attributes when compared to more commonly available materials.

  • Aluminum Manhole Cover

    This is invisible manhole cover, it is made of aluminum . It can be customized in many colors, and Logo, size, material can be customized to meet All customer needs.

  • Disposable Formwork Structure

    Compared to traditional concrete pouring, diaposable Formwork is simple to install, with less labor cost and 80% faster installation speed. Because diaposable formwork can be stacked during transporta

  • Wood Plastic Composite system

    The Eco-friendly wood/bamboo plastic composite outdoor decking we produced is made of:30%HDPE(grade A Recycled HDPE) 60%wood or bamboo (professionally treateddry bamboo fiber)10%chemical additives(Ant

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