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Flexible garden edge

Quick Details

Warranty: 1 Year

After-sale Service: Online technical support

Project Solution Capability: total solution for projects

Application: Other                   Design Style: Modern

Stainless steel garden edge is stronger than aluminium and traditional plastic edging materials. It holds its shape for many years.

Product parameters

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Moonbay           Model Number: YST-02

Name: Garden edge system     Type: Flooring Accessories

Material: Plastic/ Stainless Steel     Color: Black

Application field: garden/iawn

product details

2022隔离带详情页.jpgHot sell garden edge, such as flexible plastic garden edge, stainless steel landscape edge, corten landscape egding and colored metal garden edge, if you want to customized your garden edge, we can offer help. Garden Plastic lawn edging is a lightweight plastic structure manufactured from 100% recycled plastics designed to beautify the garden.

Product Specification



Product Details

Multifunctional edge system

Create the shapes you want, from intricate curves to endless straight lines, even right angle bends without a cut and join. At the same time, it is cost-effective, wide range of 

applications, installation is very convenient.

Stainless steel edge system

Stainless steel edge system is stronger than aluminium and traditional edging materials. It 

holds its shape for many years and we have options to suit all types of strength 

requirements. It also has high strength, good quality, weather resistance and durability. The point is that it's a custom product, which means we can produce any size product you want. In addition, it is not only beautiful and good concealment after installation.

How to install garden edging

Step 1

Remove any existing garden edging.

Step 2

Dig a small trench with a clean vertical edge using a square spade. For stainless steel edge system or multifunctional edge system,the depth of the furrow will allow for some of the part strip to be buried in the soil to give extra stability. Lay one piece of edging into the furrow to gauge the finished height. Adjust the depth of the furrow if necessary. Make sure there are no rocks or roots blocking your desired path.

Step 3

Lay the edging into the trench. Shape the edging for rounded or circular designs by gently bending the edging around a circular form. Use one long strip of edging around a curve so that it doesn’t need to be joined in the middle.

Step 4

Use a hack saw or angle grinder to cut the piece to the desired size. Smooth off any rough edges. Alternatively, we can cut to size when you order.

Step 5

If you order garden edge system , the final step is to back fill the soil against the edging. Multifunctional edge system and stainless steel edge system needs another step,Work out where the pegs are going. The number of pegs you need will vary from every 1m up to 3m depending on the stability of the edging. Hammer in the pegs. Place the peg into the ground as close as possible to the edging and knock into the ground with a hammer or mallet. Use the wider joiner pegs to overlap the strips. For powder coated product use a cloth over the peg to protect the finish.And you’re finished!

Moonbay edge system helps designers and installers innovative thoughts come true!

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Moonbay Factory 

Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial CO., Ltd is a professional construction material manufacturer integrating obligation with R&D, design, production, sale and service.
Since its establishment on July 25, 2013, the company has developed and produced products such as: Rust Metal Corten Steel Garden Edging, Stainless Steel Edge, Multifunctional Edge, Garden Edge, Adjustable Pedestal System, Trench Drain System and Tile Leveling System with 30 innovative patents.
Being honest, professional, innovative and positive is our business concept.Offering great quality product and excellent service is one of our mission. 
Moonbay factory located in Zhuji,Shaoxing with 12800 SQM area. There are over 60 automatic production lines. Moonbay is now world-famous brand and hot selling in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America. We look forward to cooperation with you.


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