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  • Moonbay New Adjustable Pedestal-MB-X Type

    Updated on: 10-12,2023 / Views:

    Adjustable pedestal is the best solution for your raised floor system. both for decking and paving tiles. Among all other pedestals, The MB-X type have many advantages to make your job easier and efficient.

    MB-X type advantages

    1.Wide Adjustment height range, MB-X1:26-46mm; MB-X246-138mm; other competitors pedestals normally need 4-5 skus to match this height range.

    2.All part fully assembled with lock system, save labor and never unscrew for all part.

    3.Adjust height from the top by adjustment key, no need repeat lifting and laying the tiles.

    4.Soft rubber injected on head, no need extra head rubber, save labor and stock SKU.

    5.Spacer tabs packed in box with pedestal, not a extra, easy to manage your stock and delivery.

    6.Over orders can be used on next project, no dead stock.

    7.Extension pad can be easily installed on head of pedestal, each pad give 45mm extra height, and they are stackable, e.g. MB-X2 add 2pcs extension pads can reach maximum 228mm height.

    8.All pedestal test with SGS report and CE certificate.

    9.Compliant with Moonbay all other accessories.

    10.Made of Recycled material, protect our earth.


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