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  • New Tile Levelling System

    Updated on: 08-29,2023 / Views:

    Tile leveling system is a set of tools and accessories designed to help achieve a flat and even surface when installing tiles, particularly large-format tiles or tiles of various thicknesses.It's used to prevent tile lippage, which refers to the unevenness between adjacent tiles' edges. Monnbay also have its own set of tile leveling system,We've recently upgraded tile leveling clip & wedge.

    1.100% brand new material

    2.Durable wedges with crossover ribs at bottom, wear-resistant and compression-resistant

    3.Wedge width 22mm, length 182mm with tail, easy to hold and install

    4.Rigid clip to hold tiles during leveling, meanwhile easy to do clean break off by rubber hammer after instllation

    5.clips is suitable for 3~12mm thick tile, clip thickness option(tile gap): 1mm / 1.5mm / 2mm / 3mm which covers most project request

    6.color PE bags & box, customization packaging acceptable

    7.Free samples are available

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