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  • Personalized your water feature with meaning

    Updated on: 04-23,2023 / Views:

    Water features not only add aesthetics value, but are also a form of ambient therapy and a sign of good fortune for the home.

    Our water features provide customers stress relief with the relaxing sound of flowing water in the backdrop of the water feature. The negative ions in water feature produced also aid in purifying the surrounding air, creating positive vibes that influence your mood.

    Every kind of water feature design that Moonbay manufactures is extremely durable and the durability of the water feature is closely tied with structure rigidity which is specially designed to take certain type of force like tension, compression, stress and even bending in the water feature.
    With inhouse production team, Moonbay is also able to do better quality control on their water feature. Moonbay makes sure that the design of our water features is both pleasing to the eye long lasting.


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