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  • What is the adjustable support of the keel material?

    Updated on: 01-31,2023 / Views:

    Keel support is used to support indoor and outdoor wood plastic flooring, anti-corrosion wood floor and wooden floor paving, widely used in outdoor wooden platform paving, park promenade and roof garden. Its main function is: simple and convenient maintenance, heat insulation,making the product used long time and weight reduction effect.Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial Co., Ltd.has the universal support /plastic pedestal of the keel Hangzhou Moonbay Industrial Co., Ltd.is a professional manufacturer of deck and floor pedestal. We are innovative company, established in 2013 and located in Hangzhou city, China. With high quality, simple design and outstanding service, Our pedestals have been exported to many countries worldwide, especially have built good cooperation with Australia, America, German company etc.

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